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Brandon's Environmental Strategic Plan was first established in 2007 to provide a framework for identifying priorities and identifying how corporations can assist the community in moving towards sustainability. The plan is a living document and is revised every five years. In the spring of 2013 Council adopted the updated plan. Below is both a full updated plan and a snapshot of the updated plan.

5 years have come and gone and it is now time to update our Environmental Strategic Plan. The public is encouraged to submit their ideas/suggestions by clicking here. A full review will be undertaken fall winter with City Council adoption of the new plan to take place in the spring of 2018.


PDF Icon Full Environmental Strategic Plan (1.41 MB)

PDF Icon Snapshot of Environmental Strategic Plan (827 KB)

 2018 Environmental Update

 pdf icon Environmental Update 2018 (0.98 MB)

2017 Environmental Update

pdf icon Environmental Update 2017 (1.58 MB)

2016 Environmental Update

 pdf icon Environmental Update 2016 (3.56 MB)


2015 Environmental Update

PDF Icon Environment Update 2015 (73.67 MB)


2014 Environmental Update

PDF Icon Environment Update 2014 (2.49 MB)


2013 Environmental Update

PDF Icon Environment Update 2013 (10.04 MB)

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